Thursday, 30 October 2014

New songs

I've uploaded some new songs to Soundcloud

I'm also pleased to say I will be heading back to America for a tour with Slate Dump in March and I'll be releasing a new album for the tour.

I will post more details in the coming months!



Thursday, 21 August 2014

Live Videos

Here are some live videos from some recent gigs

Old House Covered In Blues - Taken by Keep It Creative Videos

The Blues Grow On Trees - Taken by Keep It Creative Videos

St Vincent Street Blues - Video taken by Lewis Croll

Postman Blues - Video from The Vagabond Social Club

Friday, 8 August 2014

Vagabond Social Club/Photos

I'm playing at The Vagabond Social Club on the 15th supporting Cuddly Shark.  It's always a top night to play!

I have a new track on SoundCloud.  Follow the link to listen

I'm also pleased to say that Tussin Records from Oklahoma have put one of my songs on a compilation. The comp is free and has lots of great music on it!  Follow the link to download.

I played a gig at The Ferry last Sunday.  Here are some photographs taken by Lewis Croll.

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Latest News

I recently had a song played on this very cool Podcast!
Have a listen to 5 Song Set, they played my version of Some Cold Rainy Day.

I've also put a new recording on Soundcloud.  This song is a cover of a Billy Bizor song.

I recently played at the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival and I had a great time playing my blues to lots of people at the Tron Kirk!  I have a few more live dates coming up.

Wed 30th July - Slouch - Glasgow - 10pm

Sun 3rd August - Big Blues Day - The Ferry, Glasgow - 2pm

Fri 15th  August - The Vagabond Social Club - The Roxy - Glasgow - 8pm

Sun 28th August - Big Blues Day - The Ferry, Glasgow - 2pm

Sun 26th October - Big Blues Day - The Ferry, Glasgow - 2pm

If anybody would like on the guest list for the gigs at The Big Blues Day on The Ferry please let me know, send me an email and I'll let the venue know so you can get in for free!

Cheers for stopping by!

Monday, 28 April 2014

April News!

I've been having a great time recently playing! I was at The Wolf Sessions through in Edinburgh, it was a great day and there was lots of really good music on show.  Last week I played a couple of sets at the Slouch Blues Night and  I also played a wee gig in a poetry bookshop recently in Glasgow for my friend Ellen McAteer,  it was a great night!  Below are some photos from the gigs that have turned up.

                                                               Photo by Anne McIntosh

                                                                 Photo by Baz Simpson
Photo by Ellen McAteer

I've got a couple of new recordings up on my SoundCloud page.  Follow the links to listen.

Gig dates poster!

I'm looking forward to going to Inverness this weekend to play for some blues dancers.  It's always a good gig to play.  Keep a look out for more dates to come!

For any bookings please email me at:

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Live Dates Poster

Poster for the gigs coming up.  More dates to be added!

New song on YouTube

For bookings email:

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Gig Dates & Live Album

I had a top time last Thursday playing at a new blues pub in Glasgow called Howlin' Wolf and I have a few more gig dates to add.

April 4th - 134 Renfrew Street- Book Shop - Glasgow 7pm
April  23rd - Slouch - Glasgow - 10pm
May 3rd - Livin' The Blues - Inverness
July 12th - Blues Cruize - Edinburgh
August 3rd - Big Blues Day - The Ferry - Glasgow - 4pm
September 28th - Big Blues Day - The Ferry - Glasgow - 4pm
October 26th - Big Blues Day - The Ferry - Glasgow - 4pm

I'm looking to add more dates.  If anyone is interested in booking me to play please email me at:

A small live album has been put together to sell at gigs this summer.  This album will only be available at live shows.
Too Blue To Talk - Cover Art

I've also done a video of a Smokey Hogg tune.  Follow the link to Youtube.