Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Graveyard Full Of Blues Tour 2012

2012 kicked off with a bang with The Graveyard Full Of Blues Tour with Craig Hughes! 

The first night was a great wee gig at The State Bar in Glasgow which has been a regular spot for me and Craig over the years. It's one of my favourite places to play so it was a good way to start the tour.  We were joined by Tragic O' Hara and Jim Dead.  I have played with Tragic a couple of times before and he's a fine musician and a top guy and he played a great set!  It was the first gig I've played with Jim Dead and he played a top set of songs and I hope to see more of him in the future.  A good drink was had and I caught the last train back down the road to Ayrshire, although I did plan on catching an earlier one but these things happen.  The last train on a Friday is normally torture and full of crazies so it's always good to try and get some drink to help get you through the madness on the way back down the road, so i took care of business in the station by smuggling out a couple of bottles of beer from the bar at Glasgow Central.  

The next stop was Edinburgh at Ale House on the Saturday night.  Another fine wee gig which me and Craig played much longer sets than we normally do.  But we took care of things and really enjoyed our time.

 We eventually got to Montrose on the Sunday after a train journey from hell. The night was put together by The Rag N Bone Man and it was another good night.  The Rag n Bone Man is a one man band who played a great set and I really enjoyed catching him play for the first time.  Hopefully I will see more of him down this way soon.

Overall the tour was a success!  A big thanks to the venues for having us and also to the acts who played with us and also a massive thanks to Brian for giving us a lift back from Edinburgh and Montrose which made life a lot easier for us.  Loads of fun was had and I hope we can do it again sometime soon.  I know Craig has more videos of the tour and I think he might be making a short video of things so when he puts it together i'll post it on here.

The pic on the left was taken in The Northern Vaults on the Sunday.

This video is from the first night of the tour at The State Bar.  This song "My Razor"  will be on a new album I plan on recording later in the year.

It has to be said the sound in the State Bar was excellent so a big thanks to Craig for helping out with it both on the Friday and the Saturday through in Edinburgh.  I am hopeless with these things.

The other video is also from The State Bar gig.  The song "Power Cut Blues"  is on the recent split cd I did with C.J. Marie.  You can download it from Cheap Wine Records and it's FREE!

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