Monday, 20 February 2012

New split album with the great Slate Dump and more recording.

I've still been hiding away recording in my house and I'm going to post more new videos on here when I do them.  I'm also going to post some live stuff I've found from previous gigs I've played but for now here is a link to a new song I did recently.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all these new songs, maybe I could use them for a wee split again with someone.  If anyone is interested in doing a split cd please get in touch.

Speaking of new split albums, the new split with the great West Virginia Songster Slate Dump will be available for a FREE download from the Scottish Independent Label Cheap Wine Records very soon.  It's a follow up to the first split we did and we're very happy to make it another free download for you all.  Here is the artwork done by the very talented Katharine Cameron, who also did the artwork for the first release.

This is a video of me and Slate Dump doing Scrounger Blues on a porch in West Viginia.  Another American Tour is being planned together so hopefully we will get some more stuff like this done.

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