Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Skulls, Corpses, The Blues and Greyhounds

On Friday the 24th I supported Dave Anderson at The City Halls in Glasgow which was a great wee gig.  The City Halls is a very nice venue and is one of the nicest places i've played.  There was a large crowd there and my blues seemed to go down well with the folk.   Thats the only gig I have played this month as I'm spending a lot of time recording at home.                                                                                                                                                                                                  
I've been working on more videos and have come up with my version of the song Run Sinner Run 

And Craig Hughes has put together a very cool video of the Graveyard Full Of Blues Tour we did in January

Here is a photo of The Corspe wearing one of my favourite bands t-shirts!!  THE MUSSY CLUVES from St. Louis are a top band, they did a split release with my brother JB Nelson "Added To The Headstone"  which is another great FREE download on Cheap Wine Records! When I was in America I played a show with them in Memphis at the Buccaneer. We had a jam together that night.    
A last thing away from the music.
Greyhounds are my favourite type of dog and I have a Greyhound called Ronan who is without doubt my best friend.  I found this video on Youtube about Greyhound adoption.  I would say to anyone who is thinking of getting a dog to adopt a Greyhound, they are a gentle breed and known for being total couch potatoes. Here is the link  There are many ex racers out there looking for
a loving home.        
Here is Ronan doing what he loves doing, sleeping by the fire.

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