Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Edinburgh Festivals!

I had a really busy weekend playing the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival, The Edinburgh Carnival and The Ale House Festival Weekender.  It was a really good crowd and I managed to sell all my CD's.  Here's a photo of me playing the Mardi Gras at The Grassmarket.

And if you were on Rose Street on Sunday you may have seen me playing my blues!

On Sunday night I headed up to Clerk St to play The Ale House Festival Weekender!
Here's some more photos taken by Baz Simpson.

My next stop is The Merchant City Festival in Glasgow this Sunday the 29th!  I'll be playing at The 13th Note.
Then on Friday the 3rd of August I'll be back in Glasgow to play the Vagabond Social Club at The Griffin Bar!

I've also had the chance to do some new songs recently and have uploaded some to Soundcloud and Youtube.  Here is a couple of links!

This is a video of me playing Blonde Snapper from the bog at Cannon Bone Cottage in Ayrshire.  There is going to be a Scottish Blues Compilation put together soon and I was asked to send a track so I think I'll send Blonde Snapper, it's a song about the recent Greyhound Derby winner.  Give it a wee watch!

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