Thursday, 20 December 2012

Back from America and a new album out!

The tour in America with Slate Dump was amazing and I have a lot of photos, videos and music to share on this blog.  For now though, the first thing I'll share is a link to my latest release. 

When me and Slate Dump were on tour we recorded live on KAOS Radio Austin for the Smooth and Demented Show and we decided to release it on Cheap Wine Records. 

It's a FREE download or if you would like to help support independent music, you can buy a hard copy for £4.50.

Here is a write up the host of the show did for the album

Scottish bluesman Sleepy Eyes Nelson walked into KAOS radio with his punk/folk touring companion Slate Dump. These two men were on a mission.  Bring honest, DIY style music to the American south while paying homage at some of the great and historic blues  locations along the way the memorials of Lightnin' Hopkins , Hasil Adkins ,Ledbetter and ol' John Henry . 
( Maybe fire a few cheeseburgers into their guts while they were at it!)

This recording of Slate Dump and Sleepy Eyes Nelson live on KAOS radio perfectly captures the independent, rebellious quality found in darker corners of today's underground country-blues world.  The authentic and well crafted blues of Sleepy Eyes Nelson along with the uncompromising acoustic punk of Slate Dump  was form fit for the anti-establishment sprit we hold dear at KAOS radio.  
I hope you enjoy listening to these two talented musicians as much as I enjoyed recording them. 

-El Demento 

( Recorded for the Smooth & Demented Show on KAOS radio-
September 28th, 2012 in south Austin , Texas ) 

Follow the link to download or buy the album!