Monday, 16 April 2012

Latest News, Live Reviews, Cannon Bone Cottage and More!!

It's been a busy time recently and I have a good few things I'd like to post on here.

Here is a wee live review taken from the latest issue of Blues Matters Magazine.  It's from a gig at The Ale House in Edinburgh back in January from the Graveyard Full Of Blues Tour with Craig Hughes.
I've also done some live recordings from The Bog in Cannon Bone Cottage in Ayrshire! Click the links below to watch some of the songs I did.

On Friday the 13th I played a couple of gigs in Glasgow and I had a top time! The first gig was at The 13th Note and a live review has turned up from that gig. Here is the link to the review of the night!

On the same night I also played at The Roxy on Great Western Road which was another great wee gig.  I really enjoyed playing again with Jim Dead and Craig Hughes.  A live recording was taken from the night, check it out!

I'd also like to post a really cool picture that my friend Jimmy McLeary did of me which I plan on making into a T-Shirt.

I'm also really pleased to say that I have a three week American tour with my friend Slate Dump coming up later this year!! It will start on September 17th.  This will be my second trip to America to play and I really can't wait.  This tour will be much bigger than the last one and we have a lot of places planned.  It's gonna be a blast!!
I also have many more gigs coming up here in Scotland plus a gig down in London for the first time.  I'll post more info on that in the coming weeks!

And last thing again away from the music. 
Anyone who knows me will know how much I love Greyhounds and that I have an adopted Greyhound myself.  His name is Ronan. April is adopt a Greyhound month so I thought I'd Post some pictures of me and Ronan hanging around together.  This is very much what me and him do when I'm not out playing gigs. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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