Monday, 5 March 2012

Gigs Coming Up and Covered In Blues Vol 2 is Is Here!!

I've decided to do a new post informing folks of the gigs I have coming up so far.  This is early days and I still hope to have a lot more confirmed in the next few weeks but I thought I'd just post this for now.

Saturday - 17th March - Aberdeen Jazz Festival -  1.15pm - Musa
Saturday - 17th March - Aberdeen Jazz Festival -  2.30pm - Sopranos
Saturday - 17th March - Aberdeen Jazz Festival -  4.15pm - Carmelite
Sunday - 1st April - April Fools All Dayer(with lots of top bands) - Pivo Pivo - Glasgow
Sunday - 8th April - The Jazz Bar- Edinburgh
Friday - 13th April - The Roxy, Great Western Rd with Jim Dead and Craig Hughes - Glasgow
Saturday - 19th May - Mini Festival - Brewdog, Bluesdog Stage - Edinburgh
Saturday - 30th June - Kelburn Garden Party Festival - Ayrshire
Sunday - 1st July -  Kelburn Garden Party Festival - Ayrshire
Friday - 31st August - London - TBC

More dates will be announced very soon!

Also another American Tour is being planned for later in the year with Slate Dump around September/October time, so my American friends watch out for those dates!!

It will be good to go to America again cause I'm in desperate need of a Wendys. 

I'm also very pleased to say that the new split album by me and Slate Dump "Covered In Blues Volume 2" is now ready for download from the Scottish Independent Label Cheap Wine Records!

You can download it for FREE from the Bandcamp page.

Here is the link

Also please check out the other releases on the label, have a listen for FREE, get other free downloads and other cheap cool music!

Thanks very much for stopping by and I'll hopefully see some of you out there at the gigs!


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