Sunday, 12 February 2012

Review Of My Album "Where The Town Ends" in Blues Matters Magazing 2012

2011 was a very busy year with many gigs and festivals being played over Scotland and also an American Tour with my good friend from West Virginia Slate Dump who i did a split album with called Covered In Blues!  I did a full length album called Where The Town Ends and it won the award for best UK Blues Album of the year with The Blues Underground Network.  I've been busy playing gigs to promote it and will continue to do so for most of 2012.

I did so much in 2011 it's hard to go into anymore detail but I intend to keep a more up to date account of things from now on.

Now 2012 has started, I have recieved a review from Blues Matters magazine for my latest full release "Where The Town Ends"  available from Cheap Wine Records. 

I have also just finished another split album with C.J. Marie called Trouble Comes Around which has five songs of us each and is a FREE download!

Many more releases are planned, including a Covered In Blues Vol 2 with Slate Dump and a new full length album later in the year. 

While i have lots of recording planned I will also be playing many more gigs around Glasgow, festivals and maybe another tour abroad.

I have just completed a weekend tour with Craig Hughes to promote our split album "Graveyard Full Of Blues" and I'll post some live videos from that soon.

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